Kids Martial Arts

Kids Martial Arts


1st month of Kids Martial Arts

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Kids Martial Arts

Since 1998, Killer B Combat Sports has produced athletes that have successfully competed at the highest level of combat sports in the world. The same systems and tactics that have created numerous champions are now available for your child.

What does it take to be a champion? It takes discipline, confidence, an ability to take direction, high level of fitness, world class technique, and guidance from those that know the path to success.

All of the above is what we all need, and especially our children, to find success anywhere in life.

The coaching staff at Killer B is 2nd to none in the area. We have a truly elite group of coaches that includes world champions plus have competed and coached in over 13 countries and just about every State.

Who knew world class training existed in your backyard? No better place to expose your children to the possibilities in life than Killer B Combat Sports Academy.

What ages can participate?

8 to 12 years of age

What is expected of participants?

We ask that you give 100% of yourself to the 60 minutes you are here. We also expect for the martial skills taught to remain on the mat unless absolutely necessary to defend one’s self or others. Respect is mandatory at all times for those that make your training possible – your family, your instructors, and your teammates.

What is needed to train?

Shorts and plain short sleeve T-Shirt for 1st days.

Training shorts, rank jersey, boxing gloves, shin guards, head gear, mouth piece, and groin protector for boys.

The above gear is available for purchase thru the office.

When are class times?

 Tue and Thu from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm

Sat 9 am to 10 am

How do memberships work?

The cost for training is $120 a month.

Cost for promotion is $50 (5 rank system).

Memberships are annual with a 60 day notification to early terminate a membership with no payment penalties.