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The Challenge

Train Min 48 Sessions

Over 16 Weeks

That is ONLY 3 sessions per week!

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1 payment of $600

for 1 year unlimited group fitness classes

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1 Payment of $192 for 16 Weeks

$54.99 a month guaranteed

for 12 months after completion

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2 payments of $60 later

$59.99 a month guaranteed

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Starter Pack:


Boxing Gloves

Hand Wraps

Carry Bag

Tank Top

B Fit Gear Package
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If you train 3 times per week

Keep your calories in check

Work hard

We have found the average

member loses 1.5 to 2 pounds

per week for 16 weeks

Healthy and sustainable weight loss

of 24 to 32 pounds

This is not guaranteed. This is based off of

previous member data and

healthy training standards