Our Team


Brian Wright - Owner and Head Coach

Professional MMA and Kickboxing fighter for over 20 yeas, head coach of team since 1998. Brian Wright has designed the programs and methods of Killer B from his many years training and competing internationally at the highest levels of combat sports.


Karl Roberson - Kickboxing and MMA

Current UFC fighter and former Glory Kickboxer, Karl Roberson has been with Brian Wright and Killer B from the start of his career. Karl knows the Killer B way and shares it daily with the student body through the Kickboxing and MMA programs.


DeAnna Bennett - Kickboxing, MMA, & Fitness

Current Invicta FC top contender and former UFC fighter, DeAnna Bennett brings her high level understanding of MMA to the Killer B mats. DeAnna has an extensive knowledge of MMA and Fitness which she shares daily in Killer B programs.


Shawn Teed - BJJ & MMA

Current CFFC fighter and Dana White’s Contender Series veteran, Shawn Teed is a high level Jiu Jitsu practitioner and MMA athlete. Shawn trains daily with the student base to share his skills and help the team have a better understanding of BJJ.