Brian Wright, head coach and owner Killer B

Brian Wright

When it comes to MMA in NJ, Brian Wright is 1 of the 1st practitioners of the sport. Combining grappling and striking since 1998 in his own academy as well as competing in Karate, Ju Jitsu, Grappling, Judo, Kickboxing, and MMA. Personally Brian has trained fighters for just about every show in the region plus the UFC, Bellator, Strikeforce, Glory, K-1, M1, King of Cage, Ring of Combat, Cage Fury FC, Friday Night Fights, Ring of Fire, Battle Cage Extreme, and more….. Brian has trained and competed in 13 plus countries and almost every State in the US.



It is not elite level of international experience that makes training with Brian Wright unique. It’s his ability to successfully translate his experience that creates successful individuals, not just “fighters”. Brian’s main goal in life is to help people achieve an elite level of physical condition thru training and nutrition, mental toughness, plus a spiritual fortitude so people have the greatest opportunity for success in and out of the gym possible.


No other coach/trainer in the area can lay claim to any comparable level of experience and history of success as Brian. Training with Brian Wright is not just training with a coach, its training with most of the other coach’s coach.



Killer B is an opportunity to train with the best coach in the area and become a part of his long history creating success for people of all ages and walks of life. There is no secret to his success. Its having a system that works, a positive group to support your training, and real world experience that demands results that allows for the extremely high success rate of Brian and his members.



Notable accomplishments:


Professional MMA Fighter

Professional Muay Thai Fighter

Multiple x NJ State Karate Champion

1998 Silver Medal Full Contact Karate World Championships, Sydney, Australia

2000 Northeast Sabaki Challenge Champion

2003 Northeast Sabaki Challenge Champion


Notable Athletes trained by Brian Wright:


Karl Roberson, UFC and Glory

David Branch, UFC

Shawn Teed, CFFC and Dana White’s Contender Series

DeAnna Bennett, Invicta FC

Stephen Regman, Dana White’s Contender Series, IFL

Phil Caracappa, Ring of Combat

Kurt Pellegrino, UFC and Bellator

Greg Soto, UFC

George Sullivan, UFC and CFFC

Sam Oropeza, Bellator

Arne Soldwedel, K1 Fighter


Jason Teitelbaum, World Sabaki Challenge Champion


Multiple National and World Amateur Muay Thai Champions

Multiple Amateur MMA Champions


The list of professional and amateur athletes that have trained with Brian is in the hundreds