Kickboxing time to Level Up! March 9th!

Time for us to get organised and focused on our mutual success. 2016 is the year we introduce quarterly evaluations. We have broken down the knowledge base into 5 levels. Every quarter we will be running everyone thru their paces to evaluate progress and move, those that have demonstrated proficiency, up a level.



The higher the lower the rank for students, and the higher the number the higher the level for seniors and instructors.


Student Rank:

Level 5 - Yellow

Level 4 - Blue

Level 3 - Green

Level 2 - Purple

Level 1 - Brown


Senior Rank:

Level 1 - Black


Leveling up is all about physical condition, technical skill, and the ability to effectively share knowledge. We don’t live in bubbles. We have to interact to advance. How we interact and lift each other up is the number 1 thing we look at within candidates for advancement. So, you may be a killer in the ring but its your ability to share your experience that matters most. Killer B is all about strength within our community and the community around us.

Keep training because evaluation day is March 9th at 6 pm! Bring your friends and family - this is a celebration of all the work we do day in and day out.

Brian M WrightComment