I only have 1 FREE set to give away

Excuses, we all have them. They are the number 1 reason you are not finding success. We all are afforded the same 24 hrs in a day. Some choose to get after their time and make the most of it. Other’s make THE CHOICE to create obstacles and sabotage their success.

The 1st step to changing patterns and getting on a more successful path is making a commitment which is followed by action.

I am giving you a chance to flip the script a bit. Take action 1st, them make the commitment. Come in and train for FREE tonight. If you get what I am doing and see its value for you, make the commitment and get the change you deserve.

Monday Night:

6:30 pm Elite Fit, Group Strength & Conditioning

6:30 pm Muay Thai Kickboxing

7:30 pm Submission Grappling

The 1st person who signs up this week for Muay Thai receives a FREE pair of Faitex Professional training gloves. This is a $105 value, free to only one person who is quickest to act.*

(*New members only. Must join with min 3 month agreement or longer)

We have over 30 years experience in elite training. You're no different than anyone else who has come thru our doors. You can be elite and you can change your patterns to be more successful. If you think otherwise, you are just making up one more excuse to hold yourself back.

Get over your excuses and take some action. For your sake, I hope we meet tonight!Monday - 

Brian Wright

Killer B Combat Sports & Fitness Academy


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