Combat Holiday Weight Gain!

The Holidays can be hard on us. Too much stress, over eating opportunities, a little indulgence on the libations of an alcoholic nature….. What to do if we want to stay the course as well as possible? Let’s work together and keep this year's potential for disaster to a minimum.


Check out the FREE diet and training tracking sheets. Go buy a hole puncher, binder, and some dividers. Print out a sheet for each day, put them in the binder by week, and start tracking your habits! Accountability can keep you on course.


Join the December Daily Challenge group here: get access to daily fitness challenges. Take a pic or short clip of getting it done! Post it to instagram or facebook with the hashtag #killerbcsa. Jan 1st we will do an inventory of posts. The person with the most posts gets 3 months FREE unlimited training. This is open to members and non-members! Get to work and get posting :)


Know people who can benefit from Killer B training? Help us and we will help you. Refer 6 people before Jan 1st and get 6 months FREE training.* Referrals have to join for at least 3 months to get you the credit.


So it’s pretty simple, do the work, track it, post about it, and refer people to Killer B. It will keep you at the top of your game while saving some of that hard earned money and help grow the community you have been such a big part of.

Let’s Go!

Brian M WrightComment