What is Elite Fit?

Elite Fit is foundation building fitness. We train to push, pull, twist, squat, and hinge with a variety of motions and differing equipment. We actually train muscle confusion with cycled training with various weight loads, intensity of motion, and rep counts.



We, along with science, that completely random training that uses so many different motions that you never get deep into any of them, will create inferior results to our methods. Our results don’t lie. I will be adding more testimonials and studies to prove our effectiveness over the next few months.


To be an Elite Athlete or attain Elite Level of Fitness, you need to have a solid foundation to increase your skills upon. You have to lift heavy, run hard, jump, hit the floor and get back up…… there are no secrets to success when it comes to strength and conditioning. There are bad trainers and fake programs that the uninformed may fall for - but there are no secrets.


If you are going to spend the time and invest your money, you might as well put it all into a system that guarantees elite results. Elite Fit will get you lean, make you strong, build advanced cardio, and protect your body from the pitfalls that come with aging.


If you want to race another person with your workouts and you view fitness as its own sport, go join a Crossfit box. If you want to spend lots of time getting “OK” results, go join the big box gym in town. If you want lasting results, goal oriented training, time effective training, and the ability to do things you didn’t think were still possible - come take an Elite Fit class or book some 1 on 1 sessions.

Elite Fit at Killer B Combat Sports & Fitness Academy, the most comprehensive and effective training academy in town.

Classes run:

Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri - 6 am 8 am 9 am 5:30 pm 6:30 pm

Sat 8 am

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