Nobody is perfect

Everybody wants to be perfect NOW! Sorry to burst your bubble, but it ain’t happening. I don’t believe perfect even exists. Good to great exists, but perfect is for things beyond us mere mortals.


Daily, I run into people on the mat trying so hard to really get what is being taught. They want it so bad that they are taking away their ability to even come close to what they want. What? How is it possible? Isn’t success something that comes from desire and hard work? Everything has to be appropriate to the problem at hand. In most cases, we are not prepared to handle the technical demands of learning combined with the personal pressure to excel. Something has to give. Technique will never change, so that leaves us.


To find success in Martial Arts, and just about anything in life, we have to let go of our personal pressure, focus on the task at hand, and simply get to work.


If you have a good teacher, trainer, coach…. and system, you can let go of yourself and trust that the system works and the people that know more then you can guide you. That is the bond between experienced and inexperienced people on the mat. Newbies have to trust the vets and the vets have t take care of the newbies.


As a trainer, I am a general to specific teacher. What I mean by that is, I want to get people moving 1st. Then I nudge them in the right direction. In time that general movement becomes a specific action. This process is what has worked best to get people to truly understand what they are doing and to let go of themselves in the process.


When we are in a fight we have to focus on our opponent. If we focus too much on ourselves, we are slow to react and leaving ourselves open for self criticism that can break us. We need to push our opponent into his own head. We must make our opponents doubt themselves and think while we act and ultimately prevail.


With the above said, does it not make sense that our training has to be such that forces us to focus outside of ourselves? Instead of thinking about every little detail and judging ourselves, we should focus on an end game. If things are not working, do not stop. Keep going forward and adjust. The only failure in training is to repeat unsuccessful motions time and time again. As long as we are striving to do things better each time, we are always doing the right thing.


These are the things that make up a successful path and mindset for me:


1) Put your trust in a system and trainer you can believe in

2) Don’t judge yourself, leave that to those who know more than you

3) Look at the big picture, don’t lose site of the end result because you are lost in minor details

4) Focus on your opponent or objective instead of yourself. Never ever feel sorry for yourself. Your opponent doesn’t care, why should you?

5) When you feel stuck, MOVE. Action solves everything

Back to work - Brian Wright

Killer B Combat Sports Academy

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