New Year Resolution Special

OK, you know you want to join but the holidays are scaring you. So much to do! How will you have time to train? I get it.

I have a deal for you that will make sure the holiday season’s self abuse will not hold you down!

Sign up now thru Dec 23rd and get your 1st 3 months for 50% off. I won’t even ask for it all up front. You pay for January now then you don’t get billed again til February 2014! You will be enrolled for classes starting January 1.

You can get started for as little as $50!

Now you can make a commitment, save some money, pay those bills off in Jan, and still be able to afford training!

Wait, I am saving you even more, no enrollment fees if you sign up before the 23rd.

Quick recap:

Sign up before Dec 23rd for as low as $50
Save 50% on 1st 3 months
Pay for January now then you are not billed again til Feb 1st, 2014
No enrollment fee
Start training January 1st

Killer B Combat Sports Academy
Orchard Plaza - 1610 Hwy 35
Oakhurst, NJ, 07755

Ph: (732) 481-9117

Brian M WrightComment