About Us

Killer B Combat Sports Academy, Ocean Township, NJ, is a family owned and operated Martial arts and Fitness facility. Owner, Brian Wright, has been servicing Ocean Township and its surrounding communities with his elite level of training since 1998.

Killer B helps people to learn the discipline and philosophy of the martial arts in order to create a solid foundation for long-lasting confidence, fitness and personal protection. Our mission from day one is to support and empower adults and children, regardless of their age or stage, to benefit from safe martial arts training in a cooperative environment.

  • Our martial arts programs are geared not towards tournaments and competition, but rather a learning environment to enrich students regardless of age, natural ability or stage of life. Our dojos seek to cultivate what Jigoro Kano called “mutual benefit” for all practitioners.

  • Even tho we compete, we believe in treating the martial arts as an art, not a sport.

  • The martial arts are often confused with just a series of physical techniques. At Killer B, the martial arts actually encompass a philosophical attitude and approach to life which gives the practitioner tools for self-defense, physical health and mental discipline.

Today, our students range from police officers and public-school teachers to surgeons, accountants and lawyers. We teach honor-roll students and children who have struggled with emotional and behavioral challenges. We make a place for each of them on the mat with us so that they may create a better, more rewarding lifestyle for themselves and others.

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