Killer B Combat Sports Academy soon to be…

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Celebrating his 21st year of running an Academy, Brian Wright is preparing Killer B for the next evolution of the community! Coming in the 2nd half of 2019, a new location with upgraded training space and amenities, plus expanded roster of coaches and programs. Best part, it will be only a few doors down that are actually much easier to get to!

As a gift to those who have made all of these years possible, Killer B is having a massive throwback special! In 1998, year 1, Unlimited Training cost only $74.99. For a limited time that low, low, low price returns…

New Member Throwback Special:

Unlimited Training $74.99 a month*

1st & Last Month's Payments Gets You Started
149.98 325.00
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*1st and last month’s payment due at signing. 12 month agreement to pay $74.99 a month for 12 months. Cancellation fee: 1 time payment of $225 or half of remaining balance, whichever is the lower amount. Valid credit card on file to auto bill the 1st or 15th of each month. $25 late fee for declined payments not rectified within 5 days of failure.

Even Better!

30% OFF all training gear packages**

**Training package discounts are only valid at time of signing tuition agreement. This is a 1 time special offer.

And Best of All!

Pay for the year up front; $800 for 12 months unlimited training

1 Time Annual Payment Special!
800.00 1,600.00
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You do not have to be a professional or aspire to be one to get the benefits of Killer B training. The same skills and training that has put athletes on all 3 seasons of Dana White’s Contender Series, taken athletes from 0 to UFC contract, from 0 to Glory Kickboxing, from 0 to World Champion… the system that created this success for so many is available to you too!

We crush goals. You can go pay more to get less, or come to Killer B and get way more.

MMA, Kickboxing, BJJ, and Fitness for Adults

Martial Arts for Kids

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. $74.99 plus 30% OFF Gear is a limited time offer!