There is only one 1st day.... not really

I say it all the time “There is only one 1st day.” I wish this was true. In actuality we only have one 1st day of training ever but we have tooooo many 1st days back. Day 1 is scary because we don’t know what we are getting into and all experience is totally new. 1st days back are so much worse because we know how much they are going to suck and we know how sore we are going to be for a few days.


It is pretty hard to never take a break due to life. It happens. The key is to limit these breaks so we don’t get so discouraged that we quit. You have to remember what you set out to do and why. You have to keep your goals in the front of your mind daily so you live accordingly. Once we lose focus on our dreams and start making excuses to not train, we are now in the danger zone! We are getting close to that point of decision making where we question if the pain is worth it. We start to question our goals and our abilities…. we start to make quitting ok because we accept a lesser version of ourselves today then we did at some point in the past where we were fired up and ready to go!

Don’t accept anything less than what you set out to become. You are not just quitting on you, you are quitting on anyone that ever believed in you. You are wasting any investment made in time or money. You are wasting your future potential as well. It is one huge downward spiral that just adds up to living less of a life than we should or could.

Don’t listen to the voices that say are making quitting easy. Fight the temptation to be mediocre. Choose to be world class, get up, show up, and get the work done.

Brian Wright

Killer B Combat Sports & Fitness Academy

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